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The Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

A Department of Elliot Hospital
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Manchester, NH 03101
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About The Elliot Center for Wound Care
& Hyperbaric Medicine

The Wound Center is an outpatient service treating patients with chronic, nonhealing wounds. Since opening in 1999, many patients have been treated at The Wound Center with a very high success rate. Our professional clinical staff is committed to helping patients regain their total health. Innovation and commitment… our healthcare promise to you.

Is the Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine for you?

When time doesn’t heal all wounds, you don’t have to live with a chronic condition. If you have a sore or wound that hasn’t significantly improved in a month, or healed entirely in two months, you should ask your doctor about the Wound Center.

Healing Chronic Wounds is our Specialty

Non-healing wounds are more common than you may think. Every year chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions, keep 3 to 5 million Americans just like you from leading a normal life. Wound care can help you get your life back. Our unique, experienced team of dedicated doctors and nurses specialize in wound care, including those that have resisted in healing after months or even years of traditional treatment. The Wound Center can completely heal most wounds in just a few months.

What to expect upon your first visit

When you come in, our staff will evaluate your wound and general health. They will also review your medical history. You may need a blood test, x-ray or other special tests that will help your healthcare team learn more about blood flow and oxygen levels in the wound area.

An individualized healing program

After receiving your test results, we’ll put together a treatment program specifically based on your needs. This program will include regular visits to our Wound Center to provide treatment, evaluate progress and make any changes that may be needed. You and/or your caregiver will be given detailed instructions in home care, changing bandages and protecting the wound from additional injury.

Patients at the Wound Center have access to the most up-to-date treatments. The physicians and nurses working within the department follow comprehensive wound care protocols designed to accelerate healing and prevent recurrence.

Your Doctor and the Center for Wound Care
& Hyperbaric Medicine

We work with your personal doctor, just like any other medical specialist. We’ll discuss your treatment program with your doctor and keep him or her updated on your progress. Remember that you need to keep seeing your regular doctor for routine medical care.

Your involvement in your care

Much of the success of your treatment depends on you. You must keep your appointment, follow directions carefully and watch your progress closely between visits. Any time you or your family members have questions, please ask. We encourage questions since the healing time spent away from The Center requires your commitment.