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Prenatal Classes

Maternity Tour
A tour of the Maternity Center for expectant parents who are not familiar with the Elliot Hospital.  To register for a Maternity Tour please call 663-4567

Certified Lactation Consultants introduce expectant mothers and their partners to the advantages of breastfeeding, proper techniques, and what to expect in the first few weeks at home. Further discussion includes choosing a breast pump, and collection and storage of breastmilk.

Infant/Child CPR and Safety
Learn infant and child CPR techniques, as well as safety issues specific to this age group. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate techniques with the instructor and receive a completion card from American Heart Association (CPR for Family and Friends course). 

Labor Series
This childbirth education series prepares the expectant mother and her partner for all aspects of labor and birth. Certified Childbirth Educators will share their knowledge and experience for meeting the challenges of birth. This series will include knowledge of the natural labor process, as well as a variety of coping measures, ranging from relaxation and breathing, to available medical options. A tour of the Maternity Center is included. Elliot Hospital is pleased to offer a comprehensive childbirth program that benefits the entire family. Our programs are designed to help you, the expectant parents, gain as much information as possible, so you can make informed choices during the birthing process and your journey into parenthood. Classes are offered on an on-going basis and all of our educators are certified in their specialties.

Parenting Your Newborn
This class helps prepare parents for their new baby and their transition into parenthood. Parents-to-be will learn about normal newborn appearance and behaviors, procedures after birth, basic care of their newborn, and changes in life as a new parent.

Sibling Class
This class prepares children (2 to 9 years) on becoming a sibling. They will participate in activities to learn about the baby and their new role in the family. A tour of the Maternity Center is included.
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Post Pregnancy Classes

Mom's Group
Offered to mothers and their babies as an opportunity to share and network. Weekly topics will include, feeding, crying, sleeping, caring for yourself, growth and development of your baby, dealing with relationships, managing and preventing illness, family nutrition, and finding a balance in life. Groups are led by a Childbirth and Family educator or an RN.
The Mom’s group is held at Elliot at River’s Edge in the conference room.


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