Helping Women and Children thrive during one of the most important times in the life of their family.


Partners In Health

Partners In Health is a community project for families of children with chronic health conditions in the Greater Manchester Area.

Our Goal:

Through the Partners In Health Project, we want to help you find new ways of dealing with the challenges you are facing. Our goal is to provide support, information, and an outlet for the stress of daily routines by:

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Bringing families together who have children with chronic health conditions;

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Providing families with mutual support, personal experiences and insight;

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Building on strengths to raise awareness;

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Working together to make a difference in our community for our children


Families residing in Manchester and the surrounding communities with children having crhonic health conditions including:

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Blood Disorders
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Cancer
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Heart Conditions
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Pulmonary Disorders
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Diabetes
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Epilepsy
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Spina Bifida
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Muscular Dystrophy
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Cerebral Palsy
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)And other chronic physical conditions


Our Approach:

Our family support coordinator will work to assist you and your family in:

tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Identifying needs;
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Helping you get the services and resources that you need;
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Advocating to schools, insurance companies and medical providers;
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Arranging for special needs during hospitalizations;
tree_small.gif (1116 bytes)Providing social and recreational opportunities with other families who share common concerns.

Specialty Programs:

Partners In Health is pleased to offer families the following specialty programs:

Respitality Program:

A "take me away" program that lets you get the rest and time away needed by providing family members with a free, one night hotel stay, gift certificate to a local restaurant and a movie pass.

Educational Programs:

Partners In Health works with Parent to Parent of Greater Manchester to provide free monthly workshops. Our goal is to provide families with the latest information on issues such as Medicaid, estate planning, Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.), effective advocacy skills, legal concerns, stress, and maintaining a balanced family life.


Family Council:

All families are invited to be part of the Family Council. The Family Council provides guidance and direction to the Partners In Health Project. The Council empowers families of children with chronic health conditions by giving them a forum and resources to make their needs, preferences, and concerns known to the community.


For more information:

If you would like more information about Partners In Health, or to apply for assistance, please call one of our Family Support Coordinators at (603)641-1090.

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