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Elliot Trauma Services

Our Staff

The Elliot's Trauma Center is staffed with board certified Emergency Medicine physicians and surgeons with advanced training in trauma care. In addition, throughout The Elliot, nurses in the Emergency Department, OR, and ICU receive specialized training in trauma care and many of our nurses have achieved national recognition in Trauma, Emergency, Operative and Critical Care. Our staff keeps up-to-date on the latest advances in the care of trauma victims. In addition, the Elliot serves as the resource hospital for thirteen local Emergency Medical Service providers.

The Trauma Center staff and equipment are mobilized to expedite patient care on arrival at the Center.
If necessary, the patient is taken to an Operating Room where surgical procedures are carried out.

The Multidisciplinary Team that forms this kind of two-tiered trauma
response includes such specialists as:
                        CT Scan technicians
                        Critical care RN's and support staff
                        Trauma Surgeons
                        Pastoral Care providers
                        Anesthesia medical and technical staff
                        X-Ray medical and technical staff
                        ICU specialists
                        Nursing Supervisors
                        Laboratory staff
                        OR staff
                        Respiratory Care specialists
                        Blood Bank staff
                        Social Services providers
                        Clinical Pharmacist