Trauma and acute care surgery at elliot hospital

Trauma & Acute Care Surgery at Elliot Hospital

Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Network (TRACS-NET)

The major goal of this growing network would be to establish excellent trauma and acute care surgical service that can quickly respond to the sickest of patients at all hours of the day 24/7 year round. The responding providers are composed of a group of dedicated and well-trained physicians and surgeons with specialized training in trauma, acute care surgery, and emergency / critical care medicine. The network will allow for instantaneous communication between triaging facilities, providers in the field and with tertiary care centers. Our primary goal is to expedite definitive care and strengthen our relationship with our colleagues at surrounding hospitals. The participating hospitals gather together on a monthly basis to participate in academic conferences that encourage comradeship in addition to presenting the latest in evidence based medical advances. By sharing our experiences we have improved our ability to respond to the unique needs of our surrounding communities and fortify the relationship between the leaders in health care in Northern New England. “The Division of Trauma at MGH is proud to have partnered up with The Elliot and is confident they will lead the way in making this experience a successful collaboration and a crucial link in this network of dedicated hospitals in Southern New Hampshire and surrounding Massachusetts communities.”

Participating TRACS-NET Facilities:
• Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. MA (Level-1 ACS certified Trauma Center)
• Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at Elliot Hospital, Manchester NH. (Level-2 NH State Trauma Center)
• Wentworth-Douglas Hospital, Trauma Center, Dover NH. (Level-3 NH State Trauma Center)
• Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Trauma Center, Nashua NH. (Level-3 NH State Trauma Center)
• Central Maine Medical Center Trauma Center, Lewiston, ME (Level-2 ACS certified Trauma Center)