Trauma and acute care surgery at elliot hospital

Trauma & Acute Care Surgery at Elliot Hospital

An Introduction

This summer the Elliot launched its new Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (TRACS) under the leadership of our Trauma Medical Director, Miguel Gaeta MD, and Associate Medical Director of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Gary Curcio, MD. The vision is innovative in that few hospitals in the country have adopted this new breed of general surgical services, the acute care surgeon. The acute care surgeon is a true hybrid of Critical Care, General Surgery, and Trauma that have taken on the challenge of caring for the most critically ill and most complex of all surgical and trauma patients. They have committed themselves to answering the call for immediate attention, regardless of the day or the hour of the night. Mary K. Boggs DO completed the TRACS team who anticipate a successful launch of the trauma/acute care surgery service model at  The Elliot as an example of forward thinking in the medical and surgical world.