Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.

Critical Assessment Team (CAT)

Based on research showing that patients often exhibit signs and symptoms of increasing instability for several hours prior to a cardiac arrest, Elliot’s Critical Assessment Team (CAT) provides a rapid patient assessment system, which strives to reduce adverse outcomes and improve communication amongst caregivers.  The team is comprised of a patient’s primary nurse, Intensive Care Unit nurse and a Respiratory Care Practitioner as well as other members of the multidisciplinary patient care team.

The idea is to rescue patients early in their decline before a crisis occurs.  At Elliot, the CAT team supports early interventions and when necessary, contributes to timely patient transfers to a higher level of care.

The CAT resource is available 24 hours a day and can be activated for patients 18 years and older, on all inpatient units, including Pathways and Labor & Delivery.



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