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Pediatric Lead Screening Ages 0-12 Months

This population includes pediatric EPN patients age 12 months. The EPN has adopted universal screening for all children aged 12 months. It is expected that every child in this population will receive a lead screening test regardless of whether or not the child is at risk for lead poisoning or increased exposure to other factors that may increase exposure.

We measure whether or not the child has had a lead screen by age 14 months.

Our overall goal is to improve comprehensive preventative care among EPN patients. 

Lead Screening - Universal Measure

 EPN Goal

Current Performance

 % Pediatric Lead Screening Rate for Patients Aged12 Months >95% 71% - March 2008


Each month the practices who have patients that fall into these categories have access to a report that that lists all children in the practice aged 14 months and younger that have not had a lead screening.


EPN Pediatric Patients - Universal Lead Screening for 12 Month Olds

Initiative   Pediatric Lead Screening - 12 Month Olds
Metric Lead screening for children age 12 months, measured at age 14 months
Definition Children measured at age 14 months with Lead screening health maintenance topic satisfied
Measurement Percentage of patients meeting the metric definition
Numerator Number of patients in relevant age group meeting definition
Denominator Number of patients in relevant age group


EPIC Support

Monthly reports distributed to practices identifying patients overdue for lead screening at age 14 months.

Network Goal >95% for both groups of children (age newborn to 12 months and 13 to 24 months)


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