Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.

Boise Business Center / Toys-R-Us / Well Child Center

The Boise Business Center

The Boise Business Center is located on the second floor of the hospital, adjacent to the Surgical Day Care and is equipped with desks, an internet-accessible computer, data ports for laptops, telephones and other office supplies. Donated by Boise Cascade, the area is designed to give people the opportunity to log on to check email, or catch up on work, while waiting for loved ones who are undergoing medical procedures.

The Toys 'R Us Well-Child Center

For children, waiting in the hospital is often stressful. The Toys 'R Us Well-Child Center is equipped with the latest video game systems with age-appropriate games, classic board games, a creativity corner and other fun activities. Donated by the Toys 'R Us on South Willow Street in Manchester, this area provides families with an opportunity to get out of the hospital environment play together and relax.