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What our patients and families are saying…

"I think all of you working there are doing a great job. I am happy I can go there. Nice people work there. Doctors are so nice. Nurses are too. All workers are nice I met so far."

"Dr Fier,
Upon reflection, I was probably very close to a very bad heart attack with my blockages, and never knew it. Just wanted to thank you and you team for saving my life the other day!!"

"I'd like to share with you my great experience with Zach Lane from your rehabilitation department at River's Edge because his expertise and dedication has had such a positive impact for me. Throughout my visits, Zach always made me feel empowered during a time of uncertainty. He taught me that I could have control over my body and my symptoms, even when the doctors weren't sure what was causing them. His constant commitment to helping me understand more about the pain I was experiencing, and how the exercises would help, made the entire experience less intimidating. Overall, it was clear that he was invested in my progress and cared about my outcome.

We have many choices when selecting where to go for physical therapy. I chose River's Edge based on convenience. I am so thankful I did, because in return I received treatment that has truly made a difference in my daily life. This week is exactly one month since my last physical therapy appointment with Zach. I am symptom free and feeling better than I have in years. I am truly grateful that Zach was my physical therapist and am thankful to the Elliot for such a great experience!"

"I want to preface this by saying, Dr. Steckowych and I live in the same community. One year ago, November 30th, I brought my daughter, Megan, to the er. He was the attending that day. He looked at Megan and said, "General, you don't look like yourself, what's going on?" My daughter believes she is a super hero, General Big X. She has Down Syndrome and can't identify or report on what is wrong, or she couldn't at the time... this year has given her much practice.

Just knowing that the person who was looking at my child, knew she didn't look right - saved her life. Living in a community where you know the people who ultimately care for you and your loved ones is huge.

I don't know if another attending could have seen the things that Dr. S did that day.. don't know if they would have looked the same way. But very calmly with that funny little tilt to his lips that almost looks like he is smiling every minute - he kept us all calm and had Megan checked into the "Elliot Hotel".

He told me that he thought there was an issue with her heart and that he wanted the head of cardiology to take a look. In the morning that all happened and we were shipped to Brigham & Womans Hospital where she has been treated for Congestive Heart Failure since.

Honestly I was shocked. I knew that something was wrong. We went to her primary, Dr. Thomas and he was the first person, bless his heart too, that said it could be her heart and he sent us for some tests that same morning... I had been watching her struggle with sleep and be tired all the time. I didn't notice how puffy she was, but that first night in the hospital when Dr. Steckowych connected with cardiology and the cardiologist ordered a lasix and Megan lost 4 pounds over night was the start of me seeing a different picture.

Sometimes you can be too close I guess. All I know is that my sweet girl WOULD have died that night if I had not taken her to Elliot, and I believe if Dr. Steckowych had not been attending... Fate.

We just celebrated her 1st anniversary. We are working daily with all these new changes to diet and lifestyle etc. She is happy and still has no idea she is so sick. But I'll be forever grateful to Dr. Steckowych for being instrumental in giving us this year together.

Thanks Lee with all I have."

"Dr. Fier and his staff were incredible to me and my partner, John. John did not feel well prior to the procedure, had a seizure and passed out. The staff took great care of both of us. They took care of John and made sure that he got to the ER and got the care that he needed. They also took care of me and made sure that I was okay and that I was updated on what was going on with John. Because of the wonderful care that the staff provided, John and I are both okay today."

"I brought my husband to the Urgent Care on a Sunday! From the moment we walked through the door, we were both impressed with the prompt check in with a pleasant secretary. The care that my husband received was amazing! He needed blood drawn and IV fluids. The doctors were able to answer all our questions and put us at ease. They gave appropriate care and did not run all kinds of unnecessary tests or x-rays that other facilities have done in the past. I felt safe having Urgent Care Londonderry care for my husband. THANK YOU!!! "

"We just left the hospital after our daughter had an MRI and we are in awe of the exceptional care we received while being there. Our interactions with all of the staff in different areas of the hospital were nothing less than professional, had a great bedside manner, well trained, and provided us with all of the information we needed and giving us opportunity to ask questions if we had them. We were extremely impressed with the relationships between co-workers as well, which paired with how well we were treated solidifies my certainty that what we saw was EXACTLY what a great hospital is all about. In fact, we were so impressed that we felt the need to immediately notify you of your success and our satisfaction with the care you provide. Thank you!"

"Hello to all that read this, I am a patient of Elliot, and have been for the past 16 years. During this time period I've had the same PCP, Dr Gus Emmick. I would love for you to give him some kodo's. The staff at Elliot Primary care at Riverside has taken care of me exceptionally. I'm a hard patient to take care of. Dr Gus as we know him has gotten me through Stomach problems, appendix problems and now COPD which I've had for a long time, the others just came while dealing with the COPD. Dr Gus and all his staff deserve credit for being caring and are listeners to all your concerns. Dr Gus came to my wife's serviced when she passed away. I love this man to death and would give a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Thank you also goes out the the Elliot staff that back him up. I can name names but you would be reading forever. Thank you for what you do for me and my family, yes he takes care of us all and also what you do for our community. Again Thank You."

"Thanks to Dr. Brauer, Lisa RN, Jeff RN, Sarah RN, all other RNs and Colleen, unit secretary and all other staff - nutrition, respiratory, pharmacy, nurse's aides in ICU this week for saving my sisters life. The staff was excellent. She is still in ICU as of Easter 2016 but improving quickly. I really am so thankful. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you did for her. As an RN I can tell you, from my viewpoint, they were topnotch."

"I underwent Weight loss surgery with Dr. Gould at the Elliot Hospital. I am compelled to write this email in reference to my care and stay at your hospital. As a nurse myself I was overly impressed with the attentive, supportive, and friendly care I was given by the nurses of the post op unit I was on. I don't know of last names, but Jen, Kim, and Katie & Kelsi. These girls were readily available, never made me feel like I was a bother, and were honestly like my cheerleaders. Every interaction was positive. They felt like friends. Being around such professional, supportive women was inspiring. This was my first time having surgery and my anxiety was quickly relieved knowing I was in such good hands. I can't say enough about the excellent staff you have employed. In an era where "customer service is dead," your team made me feel like I was the only patient in the unit. These four women obviously care deeply about what they do and who they work for. I will continue to spread my good words of the Elliot to those who ask about my experience. Thank you again and please acknowledge the staff for their EXCELLENT job."

"Dear Elliot Hospital, I was going through my usual Facebook Feed today and a certain picture hit me right in the heart, an associate of yours was standing next to a World War 2 veteran, with a paper attached to his back explaining he was a WW2 veteran, they also sang around the unit to honor him because he couldn't be at a parade today. To do something like that on a probably already busy day let's us know that veterans of his status aren't being forgotten about. Being a veteran myself made it that much better knowing that people out there still care. Thank you Elliot Hospital!"

"My grandchildren were born here 2 days ago. I have never seen in my life such an Hospital with such caring staff. Each staff member was nicer than the other. They are really Angels."

Endoscopy - "The staff were friendly and upbeat! I am very pleased with the services provided by Elliot Hospital. Keep up the GREAT JOB!"

"I wanted to tell you what a fantastic experience I had with John Seidner at Urgent Care in Londonderry. He mended my son’s chin with such expertise (which was a take-2 attempt). He was quick and precise and had a good demeanor. Kudos to Dr. Seidner. It makes a difference having ED trained docs working in your Urgent Care centers. Great experience!"

"One area where it really worked beautifully here is maternity. From the second I checked in … made a world of difference."

"At the Elliot lab…bingo, first time around…the guy was great."

"Good coordination between my primary care physician and…any where I need to go in the hospital. The were very timely in getting the results back to my primary care physician."

"We have been more than happy here. More than happy in more than one case."

"My doctor is highly automated…that is extremely impressive."

"From my experiences I have been pretty well satisfied with all the services. I don’t know what they could do to improve in fact."

Geriatric Psych Unit:

"I feel that my husband received the best care ever at Elliot."

"Our family was very happy with all of the experience."

"All staff very good."

"Best care ever. Thank you."

"They were always there."

"Excellent staff."


"Each nurse, doctor and social worker that worked with me was exceptional."

"All of the nurses were very caring!!!"

"All of my nurses went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful help. I feel so much better because of the special care given to me. I feel that they were so supportive and calming."