Helping Women and Children thrive during one of the most important times in the life of their family.

The Post Anesthesia Care Unit

"As members of a multidisciplinary team, the Perianesthesia nursing professionals are
committed to providing compassionate, high quality, progressive care to patients throughout
their anesthesia experience."

The Post Anesthesia Care Unit [PACU] provides a safe environment for patients following an operative procedure for which anesthesia has been required. Regardless if you have surgery as an outpatient or require admission to the hospital following more extensive surgery, you will first be admitted to the PACU.

Our Staff

Our staff is composed of all Registered Nurses [RN] who are supported by a technical associate. The nurses goal in the PACU is to plan nursing care aimed at assisting patients with a safe return to consciousness without complications or adverse reaction to drugs or treatments. A board-certified anesthesiologist is always available to assist the nurses in treating their patients.

All of the PACU nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support [ACLS] and pursue continuing education on a regular basis. We are proud to have several nurses hold certification in
Post Anesthesia Nursing.