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Elliot Food And Nutrition Services

Inpatient Clinical Nutrition Services

Elliot Hospital's Clinical Dietitians are part of a comprehensive healthcare team. Clinical dietitians provide assessments of patients' nutritional status and education to hospitalized patients and their families. Working with physicians, they make recommendations for specialized feedings and nutrition support for patients. Dietitians meet regularly with other members of the healthcare team to ensure that our patients' nutritional needs are met while they are in our hospital and when they are discharged. From the smallest infants in the NICU to the elderly person recovering from surgery, all patients receive a screening to determine nutrition risk, with services provided based on the patient's condition.

Our Nutrition Assistants meet daily with patients to ensure that we provide food to their preferences. They will review menu selections so that it meets with the physician's diet order and provides good nutrition for our patients. Finally they collaborate with food service staff to make sure that we meet the highest standards of timeliness and quality.