Helping Women and Children thrive during one of the most important times in the life of their family.

Elliot Food And Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Services is dedicated to providing patients, staff, and visitors within the hospital as well as the Greater Manchester community with competent, creative, and compassionate services. Our department seeks to integrate clinical nutrition services with delicious food and excellent, hospitable service. The most important "ingredient" in providing excellent food and nutrition services is the quality of our staff. We are proud of our team of clinical nutritionists who are licensed dietitians, professionally trained culinary staff, and our dedicated long-term staff of servers, nutrition assistants, hospitality aides, clerks, porters, supervisors and managers. A high proportion of our staff is certified in food safety and sanitation training. We are regularly cited by Manchester's Health Department as an exemplary food service facility and our dietitians have received state and national recognition for their research and service to their profession. Food is prepared fresh on a daily basis. We use state of the art food safety techniques and quality control systems to ensure that all food is safe and delicious.

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