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Elliot Neurology Associates

A Department of Elliot Hospital
185 Queen City Avenue,
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (603) 663-4800
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many physicians are at your practice?
We currently have 5 physicians in this practice: : Mark Biletch, MD , Robert Thies, MD , John Pettinato, DO , Xiao-Qing Wang, MD , and Douglas Black, MD.

How easy is it to schedule an appointment?
If you are looking to schedule a new patient consultation with us, and you already have a referral from your primary care provider, we can usually accommodate your request within a few weeks. We also strongly suggest that you make any follow up appointments with us before you leave your visit.

Do you accept most Insurance?
Our practice participates with most insurance companies. We can provide you with a list of participating insurance entities at your appointment. You may also click here for a complete listing of the insurances accepted at Elliot Physician Network offices.

Who will I see when I make my first appointment?
Your first consultation will be scheduled with the physician best suited to meet the needs of your visit.
Except for emergencies, the physician who sees you in consultation will also be responsible for and
deliver your follow up care.

What if my primary physician practices at a hospital other than the Elliot?
Our neurologists can see you, they will work with your primary care or other treating physicians, but they
may not have access to information your physician(s) may already have acquired. Please ask them to send related records and laboratory data to our office before your visit. If you see another specialist for a problem you think may be related to your neurologic question, it might be desirable to have him or her also
send records.

Will your doctors look at my x-rays or MR images?
If you have had x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging at some site other than an Elliot affiliated site, the most efficient way (and sometimes the only way) for us to personally interpret your images is to ask the facility to copy your images to a compact disc and bring this with you to your visit.

What is an EEG (electroencephalogram)?
Brain cells are like little battery-powered machines that turn on and off. When that happens, they release a small amount of electricity. An EEG can measure that electricity and your neurologist can tell if the cells are acting normally.

Does an EEG hurt?
No, but since electrodes are placed on your head with a clay like paste, it can sometimes mess up your hair. The paste washes out thoroughly with shampoo if plain water rinse with a washcloth does not remove it to your satisfaction.

What is a Nerve conduction test?
Nerves are living cables that connect your brain and spinal cord to your body. They carry signals electrochemically. At many places nerves pass close to the skin. Muscles are living battery-powered machines. Muscles are commonly near the skin. A neurologist can test muscles and nerves with a special computerized machine that measures the electricity of the nerves and muscles and tells how nearly normal the nerve or muscle is.

Does a Nerve Conductions Test hurt?
Most people find it uncomfortable but most do not find it painful. Our physicians have all had special training to do the testing in the least troubling manner possible. Results can be sent to your requesting physician usually the same day.