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Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

The Fuller Unit

Fuller Unit is a 36 bed Medical/ Surgical Unit on the eighth floor of Elliot Hospital. This unit has an eleven
bed dedicated Neurology Cluster. Twelve beds are dedicated for General and Vascular Surgery patients.
The remainder of our patient populations include: Respiratory, Diabetes, Renal or Nephrology, Ear, Nose and Throat; and most recently Bariatric Surgical Patients in collaboration with the physicians and staff of Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic. All of our patients are assessed and reviewed through an Interdisicpiplinary Team approach. The disciplines which work collaboratively on this unit include: Nursing, Nutrition Services, Social Work and Case Management; Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, and Pastoral Care. Our care delivery framework is the Elliot Model of Nursing, which supports these four basic tenets: Teamwork, Continuity, Competence, and Caring.

Fuller Unit staff have developed the following Vision: "Our dream is to make Fuller Unit a comfortable
place to stay, where our staff want to give those little extras to create a warm environment that fosters friendships amongst staff and patients. Our academic achievements, common goals and our equalization
of workloads will result in an innovative health care team. Our philosophy within the Elliot Model of Nursing will be demonstrated by our honesty, humor, trust, loyalty and respect for patients, peers, families,
and those we serve."

Services Within Unit
Fuller Unit receives many arteriogram patients both pre and post procedure. The nursing staff on Fuller unit assess and monitor those outpatients who have had arteriogram procedures until they are stable, and their recovery period meets discharge criteria. This unit also manages outpatients who are scheduled for Plasmapheresis through the contracted services of Manchester Kidney Center.

Fuller Unit participates on a Hospital wide committee that evaluates and promotes coordination of care for all Ischemic Stroke Patients as well as patients who are admitted for the diagnosis of Transient Ischemic Attack. We have designed a pamphlet to assist patients and families in understanding stroke. It is available in the Emergency Department and on Fuller Unit: "Stroke Care at Elliot Hospital".

Contact Person:
Specific questions regarding care on the Fuller Unit can be directed to: Elva Hawkins, RN, Department Director at 663-8830.