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Infection Control Department

About the Infection Control Department

The Infection Control Department is a department in the hospital that works to prevent and control
infections in patients and staff. Infection Control is staffed by a full-time Director, a half-time Assistant,
and is supported by an Infectious Disease Physician. Infection Control works closely with the Manchester and State Health Departments.


here has been a rise in MRSA infections over the past year throughout the US. In order to address this
within our community, The Elliot participates in the IHI Save 5 Million Lives Campaigns. Our Hospital has implemented the IHI Reduction of MRSA Initiative module. Part of the module is to proactively screen
high-risk patients to identify new cases. Elliot Hospital now screens all patients admitted to our Intensive Care Unit, and patients admitted from nursing homes. By doing this we can identify and provide proper isolation as determined necessary. The New Hampshire Health Care Quality Commission is also addressing this state-wide with a focus on Hand Hygiene, which is cited as being the primary
prevention strategy for infections.


Flu Shot Information
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Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) and Central Line Bloodstream Infections (CLBI)

In collaboration with the New Hampshire Health Care Quality Commission the collection and reporting of statewide VAP and CLBI rates was established. In addition Elliot’s Intensive Care Unit demonstrated best practice with the presentation to the commission in March of 2007.