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Elliot Physicians Network
Elliot Family Medicine at Hooksett

A Department Of Elliot Hospital
20 Chambers Drive, Suite 1200
Hooksett, NH 03106
Tel: 624-8652 / Fax: 624-6609

Specialty Services
Suite 2100

Visiting area providers make access to specialty care easy.
Providers holding office hours in Hooksett include:
• Elliot General Surgical Specialists
• Elliot Pediatric Specialists

Elliot General Surgical Specialists

Dr. Esthia Giakovis and Dr. Daiying Lu are members of a larger surgical specialists group including Dr. Lawrence Hoepp, and Dr. Curtis Kloc and Dr. Thomas Meads. Together, they offer expert care for a wide-range of surgical needs and provide support to the Elliot's Trauma Center serving Southern NH. In Hooksett, surgical patients will see a physician for all of their pre and post surgical care needs.

Elliot Pediatric Specialists

Dr. Wendy Gladstone is board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and has been practicing since 1980. She has dedicated her practice to the CARE (Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation) Network, a group of physicians and nurses who are experienced in caring for children where there is a concern about abuse or neglect. She works closely with the Child Advocacy Center and sees patients in Dover, Exeter and now Hooksett.