Helping Women and Children thrive during one of the most important times in the life of their family.

Elliot Physicians Network
Elliot Family Medicine at New Boston

A Department
Of Elliot Hospital
52 High St.
New Boston, NH 03070
(603) 487-3429

Common Sense (Non Vaccine) Ways to Prevent Illness from Flu and Cold Viruses
Influenza Vaccine Information Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Medicine?
As a family medicine practice, we provide medical care to all patients from birth to end of life. The advantage of family medicine is that the entire family can be seen at the same practice so that any comprehensive family issues can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

What Insurance do you accept?
Our practice, as well as all other Elliot Physician Network locations, participates with most insurance companies. We can provide you with a list of participating insurance entities at the time of your visit. You may also click here for a complete listing of the insurances accepted at Elliot Physician Network offices.

Which hospital would I be admitted to, should the need occur?
You would be admitted to Elliot Hospital in Manchester. As an Elliot Physician Network practice, we feel the partnership with Elliot Hospital allows for a better continuity of care. And with our network-wide, cutting edge Electronic Medical Record System all of your medical information is available to the professionals who treat you. This allows specialists, such as Radiologists and Internists, to all be completely informed of your medical history, treatment strategy and discharge plan.

Is your office really a restored barn?
Yes, the practice is located in a beautifully restored and converted New Boston barn that is both spacious and quaint. It is the only medical practice in New Boston and the surrounding areas of Weare, Francestown, and Mont Vernon.

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