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Podiatric Surgery and Definitions

Podiatry is the study and treatment of foot disease, injuries and defects.

Arthroplasty- surgical repair of a joint

Bunion- enlargement and inflammation of the great toe, usually causing toe to turn inward. Commonly seen in long term wearing of tight-fitting shoes.

Hallux- the great toe.

Hallux Valgus- displacement of the great toe towards the other toes. Often, it coexists with a bunion. The two terms are often used to mean the same but this is inaccurate.

Hammer Toe- a deformity in a joint in the toe. The toe is bent downward.

Morton's Neuroma- Nerve entrapment in between the toes. This causes pain, especially with weight bearing.

Osteotomy- incision into a bone.

Plantar- regarding the sole of the foot.