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Diagnostic Imaging Services

Soft Mammogram

Go Soft!

Mammography at Elliot is warmer, more comfortable and even soft!

Elliot Hospital Breast Diagnostic Center, Greater Manchester Imaging, Elliot Senior Health Center and the Elliot Breast Health Center all offer mammogram services with the MammoPad®.

What is MammoPad®? It is a soft, foam pad that creates a cushion between you and the mammography machine. This gentle approach to mammography allows women a comfortable approach to their yearly mammogram. The MammoPad® breast cushion was designed by a female breast surgeon seeking a way to maximum comfort during the exam while protecting the integrity of the images.

The skilled mammography technologists at Elliot are pleased to offer this softer approach and have received positive feedback from patients:

“The pad made a dramatic difference. It greatly decreased the discomfort.”

“Much more comfortable and it also made me feel more comfortable with the cleanliness of the procedure as a new pad was put down just for me.”

“The pad definitely reduced the amount of discomfort I felt during the procedure.”