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Diagnostic Imaging Services

Screening and Pre-registration

It is recommended to pre-register prior to your appointment. This is a simple procedure in which your current information is updated such as insurance, address etc. Click here to complete your pre-registration paperwork, or call 603-663-5663. If you are pre-registered, you may come directly to the MRI Department at your scheduled time. If you are not pre-registered, you need to arrive early and register at the Radiology check-in desk.

The MRI patient coordinator will attempt to call you prior to your appointment. This is not the same as pre-registration. The purpose of this call is to ask a few screening questions to make sure you are a candidate for the exam. Certain implants are not safe in a magnetic environment. This phone call is also provided to answer any questions you may have about the MRI exam. The phone number is (603) 663-8481.