The Elliot Center for Diabetes Management and The Elliot Center for Advanced Nutrition Therapy

The Elliot Center for Diabetes Management

663-4LBI (4524), 603-663-3130 (option 2)
One Elliot Way
Manchester, NH 03103

Pavilion Entrance

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation with a nurse educator and/or registered dietitian with families and/or significant others is included in all aspects of education.

Areas of education available:
                         Pre diabetes/Impaired glucose tolerance (Diabetes Prevention Program)
                         Types of diabetes and its management
                         Blood glucose monitoring
                         Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) by a registered dietitian
                         Advanced carbohydrate counting
                         Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy consulting for women with diabetes
                         Gestational diabetes and its management
                         Insulin instruction
                         Prevention of Long-term diabetes complications
                         Low blood sugar management/prevention
                         Sick day management
                         Behavior changes, goal setting, problem solving
                         Setting goals for a safe exercise
                         Relationship among eating, exercise, medication and monitoring
                         Insulin pump program