Timing System

The “D” Race Timing Tag comes assembled as part of your Bib Number. Simply tear the D-Tag off of the Bib Number and attach it to your shoe (instructions as listed below). In addition, the D-tag is disposable, so once you cross the Finish Line, no stopping to remove your timing device and no worries about returning your timing device after the race or paying its replacement cost, simply discard it.


The ChronoTrack D-Tag must be worn throughout the race – whether you are walking or running – to ensure your safety on the course and the accuracy of the overall results. ChronoTrack uses a disposable tag that eliminates the need for several organizational choke points on your shoe, it’s lighter, less complicated and easier to use. Once the D-tag is attached to your shoe, you will quickly forget that it is even there!


ChronoTrack allows you to spend more time focusing on enjoying yourself at the race and less time about the timing device on your shoe.


The results will include both your Net Time and Official Time. The Official Time will be used to determine the overall order of finish and the winners of the top five male and female cash prizes.


It is also used for national, state and course records. All other awards will be based on Net Time.


Net Time – Your Net Time begins when you cross the Start Line and ends when you cross the Finish Line.


Official Time – Your Official Time begins when the starting gun is fired and ends when you cross the Finish Line.


“D” Race Timing Tag Instructions:


Remove shoe tag and directions from Bib.


Separate shoe tag from directions by folding at perforation and tearing apart.


Crease tag on fold lines.


Insert the tag under the shoe laces, face down.


Remove adhesive tab (located on backside of the marked black area).


Attached adhesive tab to non-adhesive tab.


Press together firmly forming a “D” shape.


Position tag number up.


Download a PDF of the ChronoTrack Instructions



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