Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.

Pharmacy Residency Program


Participation Requirements

         The resident will participate in the monthly Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P & T) Committee as a guest member. The resident will be responsible for recording meeting minutes for at least one P & T Committee meeting.
They will also be responsible for joining another committee and will be required to attend meetings throughout the residency.
  • Examples include:
         Medication Safety Committee
    Anticoagulation Safety Workgroup



The resident will attend both the Midyear Clinical Meeting and the Eastern States Residency Conference.


            At a minimum, the resident is required to complete the following during the course of the residency:
                     Residency research project and manuscript
  Presentation of results at Eastern States Residency Conference
  Physician In-service
  Nursing In-service
  Pharmacist In-service (2)
  Journal Club (2)
  Drug Monograph (2)
  Newsletter article (2)
  Drug Use Evaluation
  Precept pharmacy student
  MCP Lecture (optional)
  Drug information requests
  Teaching certification (optional)