Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.

Pharmacy Residency Program


When was the residency program developed?

Our PGY-1 program was initiated in 2008 with an ambulatory care focus; we added the traditional track PGY-1 program in 2011. A PGY-2 in pediatrics was added in 2012.


Do the pharmacists have opportunities to teach?

Yes, we work closely with MCPHS to allow our residents opportunities for didactic and practical teaching experience. PGY-1 residents participate in the teaching certificate program.


What types of services are provided by the pharmacy?

Please refer to our pharmacy site. We offer many inpatient and outpatient clinical services including anticoagulation clinic, MTM clinic, medication reconciliation, VTE risk assessment and parenteral nutrition service.


Where are former residents practicing currently?

Our former residents are practicing all over the country in health system roles. Many of our residents have chosen to stay here at Elliot with us.


What are the staffing requirements?

Every 2-3 weekends and an evening shift weekly as deemed necessary to maintain inpatient staffing competency.


What administrative duties are required of each resident?

For the PGY-1 resident, we require a practice management rotation in addition to committee organization, attendance and participation.   A longitudinal leadership rotation is a requirement for the PGY-2 rotation.


How many interviews does Elliot Hospital grant?

Typically we offer around 5 interviews for each resident position.


What is the deadline for licensure?

Residents are encouraged to take board and law exams prior to starting their residency. August 15th is the absolute latest when a resident must be licensed to remain in the program.


What are you looking for in a resident?

We are looking for a well-rounded individual with some hospital experience. Written and oral communications skills should be well developed by the time of pharmacy school graduation. Daily interactions with peers and project involvement are other factors that weigh into applicant qualifications.