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The Elliot Nursing Center for Practice and Education

In 2001, the Elliot Model of Nursing was developed by a collective group of Elliot nurses from all different settings as well as different groups of patients and families. Their experiences as staff nurses generated the foundation of the Elliot Model of Nursing. At the same time, The Elliot Center for Practice and Education was designed to support the Elliot Model of Nursing, by providing a dedicated place that belongs to the nurses of Elliot; a site for education and training as well as a meeting place.

The Elliot Model of Nursing provides a framework for the environment nurses need in order to care for their patients, where health, recovery or peaceful death occurs. As nurses, we know nursing care depends on the quality of the nurse (Henderson, 1964). Nurses assume accountability for the patient/family. We are responsible for the appropriate completion or delegation of all nursing care interventions, and accountable for the outcomes of nursing care provided. In assuming this accountability, we have the authority to act on behalf of the patient/family.

Nursing Students

It is the policy of Elliot Hospital to provide opportunities and to share knowledge and expertise with students that will enable them to become involved in experiences that relate to their career goals. In addition, these learning experiences enhance fulfillment for staff and endorses Elliot Hospital’s commitment to foster progressive learning through the utilization of educational objectives.

Nursing students will complete orientation through the Centralized Clinical Placement System.

The Nursing Recognition Award

This award is presented to Elliot Health System Registered Nurses who demonstrate clinical skill and professionalism beyond that normally expected for their level of experience. Their actions make a significant difference in the lives of patient, families and the community.

Registered Nurses who receive this award are critical thinkers. They draw fully upon their own skills as well as the skills of those around them to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients. A director, peer, family/patient, physician or other clinical discipline, may make nominations.

All RNs are eligible regardless of level of experience.