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Elliot Regional Cancer Center Revolutionary Tumor Targeting Technology

The Elliot Regional Cancer Center is the first in New Hampshire to offer BAT® - ultrasound-based targeting technology that pinpoints a tumor’s exact location, prior to the delivery of radiation therapy. This new technology allows doctors to effectively deliver radiation to the targeted area with more precision, minimizing harm to surrounding organs.

Because some internal organs can move from day to day, BAT (B-mode Acquisition and Targeting) is used to provide daily information about the location of a patient's internal anatomy and to accurately position the targeted volume prior to each radiation treatment. Some organs, such as the prostate, move due to normal daily volume changes in the bladder and rectum. The BAT system uses ultrasound scans to localize the organs, allowing the therapist to make adjustments to the patient's position and ensure a direct hit each time. Up-to-the-minute knowledge of the target position permits us to reduce the size of our radiation fields while maintaining confidence that we are getting radiation where it needs to go and reducing exposure to otherwise healthy tissue.

This picture shows an ultrasound of a bladder and prostate. The bladder is outlined in yellow; the prostate, in red. Ultrasound images are acquired each day before external radiation therapy, and the patient's position is adjusted so the radiation beams are aimed accurately at the prostate.


Currently there are approximately 150 facilities nationwide using BAT in conjunction with radiation therapy to treat cancers in areas such as the prostate, breast, head & neck, bladder, and pancreas. Already using IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), the Elliot Regional Cancer Center is known as a pioneer in the state, offering the most sophisticated technology paired with a compassionate staff who treat patients as a whole; not just cancer. Support Groups, community outreach, complementary modalities such as Reiki, nutritional support, the CAncer REsource line, and yoga for cancer patients sets the Elliot Center apart from other facilities.