What families and patients have to say about the
VNA Senior Life Planning Program

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Below is a comment received from the daughter of a gentleman who lived in independently in Manchester, NH. The daughter was concerned for her father’s well being after a visit with her father. She had concerns about his ability to drive safely as well as his overall health. She said her father had recently made a decision not to have extensive heart surgery. Although she understood the reasons around his decision, she was concerned ab out his ability to maintain his independence. She knew his condit ion was only going to worsen as would his a bility to care for himself.

“Leah quickly made a connection with my Dad. His trust in her had made the changes easier for him to accept. She has been so instrumental and helpful along the way . She was able to help me to understand what I needed to know, even though I didn’t realize I needed to know it.”

The following is from a daughter whose parents lived independently, just a few towns from her . She contacted me after realizing her parents were unable to manage their affairs independently. It was after trying, for days, to reach her parents; she went over to their home and discovered that the phone had been shut off as the bills were not paid for months. In the following days she realized the auto insurance had lapsed, the post office had sto pped delivery of mail as their mailbox (condo complex) was full and the electricity was days from being shut off.

“I could not have done this without you . You have been my lifeline and have even held me up when I thought I was sinking fast. Having you involved made it easier for me to sleep at night. The compassion you provided to my parents, my brother and I, is more than I ever thought possible fro m a person outside of our family. We now consider you part of our family. Thank you.”

Below is a note received from a daughter , who lived in California . Her mother lived in Manchester, NH and her brother lived in Bedford, NH. The daughter was concerned after a trip to visit her mother. She felt her mother’s memory had worsened and, although she had her brother nearby, she thought he was too busy to provide the oversight she felt her mother needed. When she returned to her h ome in California, she researched and found the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers which led her to our Senior Life Planning program.

“I wanted to formally thank you for the effort and diligence you put into creating a comprehensive assessmen t of my mother’s situation. For the first time in four years I have factual data and medical information about my mother. It is such a relief as I have been very frustrated in my attempts to remotely provide for her. When I do see her, she has such seve r memory and irreality issues that I focus completely on getting us through the simple steps of the day. Not everyone in the health service industry is as caring and committed as you. I hope we can continue to work with you through the rest of my mother’ s life. It is my fervent wish that my mother lives this part of her life as she wishes, yet safely.”

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