Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.

Patient Stories

Patient Focus Groups

Elliot is unwaveringly committed to the quality of care and services we provide. So much so that we established Focus Groups with Elliot Patients, and Non Elliot Patients. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the areas that are important to maintain and/ or improve upon. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Of course we are excited to make suggested improvements become reality and are well underway in doing so. We also feel it equally important to share with you comments made by individuals who attended the focus groups sessions. Focused areas of conversation were:

  • Their experience in accessing the care they need… at their doctor’s office… and at their hospital
  • How they view health care…
  • How they view Elliot…
  • How they want to be treated…
  • And what they’d recommend to enhance the care received.

Quotes from our patients:

"One area where it really worked beautifully here is maternity. From the second I checked in … made a world of difference."

"At the Elliot lab…bingo, first time around…the guy was great."

"Good coordination between my primary care physician and…any where I need to go in the hospital. The were very timely in getting the results back to me primary care physician."

"We have been more than happy here. More than happy in more than one case."

"My doctor is highly automated…that is extremely impressive."

"From my experiences I have been pretty well satisfied with all the services. I don’t know what they could do to improve in fact."