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Pain Management Center @ River's Edge

Treatment Options

• Epidural steroid injections: utilized to reduce the irritation and swelling that leads to pain.

• Implantable infusion pumps and spinal cord stimulators: methods available to treat pain that does not respond to other attempts.

• Nerve blocks (diagnostic): injection at origin of pain to help reduce the irritation and swelling that causes the pain.

• Medication management: consultation to help your Primary Care Physician develop a medication routine that manages your pain effectively.

• Joint injections: utilized to reduce irritation and swelling in the affected joint.

• Trigger point injections: a trigger point is a specific area located in or just above a muscle or ligament that generates pain. Injecting these trigger points can help alleviate the pain.

• Radiofrequency nerve ablation: injection that delivers radiofrequency waves that interrupt pain signals.

• Behavioral Medicine: treatment modality that considers psychological factors, and accesses the impact of anxiety, depression, and prior life experiences with pain.

• Physical therapy: exercise and motion to increase function and flexibility.

• Botox injections: used to reduce muscle spasms.

• Massage: Tui Na Massage combines soft tissue manipulation/deep tissue massage and Traditional Chinese Medical Theory.

• Acupuncture: based on the theory of Qi ("chee") or the life-force within you, acupuncture is both an art and a science that stimulates the body's ability to heal itself.