Comprehensive diagnostic testing, interventions, education and rehabilitation.


About Us

Elliot Hospital
Medical Explorer Post 696

The Elliot Medical Explorer Post 696 has been in existence since 1973, and since that time, over 1,100 students have participated in the post's activities.  Students from Manchester and surrounding communities are invited to join the post and get first hand information about the various health care specialties.  Many of our students enroll in schools seeking various medical careers as a result of attending the posts activities.

There are many benefits for the youth involved in the Exploring program. It stimulates their interest in continuing their education: - Career information; insight into future vocation - Sense of acceptance and belonging - Safe environment for adult-like activities - Opportunities to Explore the various health care careers - Meet various health care professionals - Opportunities to try leadership roles and develop skills - Cooperative relationship between adults and youth - Service to others by engaging in community activities.

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Meet The Advisors

Ed Leduc, CET, BMET
Albert Couture
Kathy Labelle, RTR, CT
Mary Cullen, D.O.


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Medical Explorers Post 696
1 Elliot Way
Manchester, NH 03103

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Post Scholarship

The Elliot Hospital Medical Explorer Post scholarship is awarded to one Explorer each school year. Interested Explorers must complete an essay explaining why he or she feels that they are deserving of the scholarship. All applicant's essays are submitted to the hospital administration and they select ONE essay as the winner.