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Departments Within the Regional Cancer Center

  • The Elliot Breast Health Center

Among the array of services and departments throughout the Elliot Hospital that constitute the Cancer Center is the Elliot Breast Health Center, located very near the main campus of the Hospital. We know that waiting weeks for results can seem like a lifetime. Conclusive Care virtually eliminates the wait. The Elliot Breast Health Center created the conclusive care concept to give women prompt, definitive answers regarding mammograms and biopsies.


The full program of the Elliot Breast Health Center includes:
* Conclusive Care - expedited diagnosis
* Screening and diagnostic mammography
* Image guided, minimally invasive diagnostics
* Surgical management of benign and malignant breast disease
* Education and support in a caring environment

The Elliot Breast Health Center team is headed by Dr. Edward Dalton. The entire Elliot Breast Health Center team of professionals offers patients the highest level of breast health care in the region. Directions and a rich resource of information is available at the web site of The Elliot Breast Health Center.
Visit the Breast Health Center Web Site, by clicking here.

Radiation Oncology & Medical Physics

Radiation oncology is often a potent weapon in cancer treatment programs. Our Radiation Oncologists and Medical Physicists localize and treat cancerous tumors precisely, maximizing radiation doses to the tumor site while sparing the surrounding structures. Licensed Radiation Therapists provide the treatments. Symptoms and side effects are managed by expert oncology nurses who care for their patients throughout the course of treatment. The individuals and families receive comprehensive care, including social services, pastoral care, support groups, nutritional support, and education.

The Fitch Unit

The Fitch Unit provides specialized inpatient and outpatient care for people with cancer and their families. The inpatient unit offers care to patients needing surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radioactive implant therapy, medical management, and palliative and supportive care in a caring, compassionate atmosphere. Fitch Unit outpatient services include blood transfusion, chemotherapy, and rehabilitation services.

The Fitch Unit is staffed by board-certified physicians, nurses, social workers, dietitians, rehabilitation therapists, clergy, and other professionals trained in the specialized care of people with cancer and
their families

The Max K. Willscher Urology Center

Located at the Elliot Hospital, the urology center is dedicated to providing progressive treatment for patients with urologic conditions.

The Palliative Care Unit

The Palliative Care Unit provides a holistic approach to the care of patients and their families who are facing end of life issues. The goal of the Palliative Care Team is to provide comfort and support to this special group of patients and their families in hopes of improving the quality of their life in their final days together.

The Palliative Care Unit, located on the Fitch Unit, is an inpatient facility that has been designed to promote a quiet, calm, healing atmosphere. Admission to the Unit is appropriate for any patient who has a life-limiting illness and is not receiving curative treatment, and for whom a short hospital stay is required for pain or other symptom management. During the course of the admission, members of the Palliative Care Team will work with the patient and family in order to facilitate a transition to an appropriate alternative setting (e.g., their own home, a nursing home). The team also provides teaching and support for
the caregivers.