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Breastfeeding is the number one way to insure a healthy start to your baby’s life. And there are health benefits for Mother, too! At the Eliot Hospital Maternity Center, there are specially trained nurses to assist you to successfully breastfeed. In addition there are lactation consultants that are certified though through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. They provide special support to insure that you and your baby have a healthy start. By helping you and your baby in these first days after birth, we support you. If you choose to feed your baby with breastmilk substitute, formula, we will support your choice and guide you in learning care for and feeding your baby.

Your newborn care provider examines your baby and talks with you about keeping you baby healthy. And these providers have all the specialists of New Hampshire’s Hospital for Children immediately available, should your baby need them. New Hampshire Hospital for Children

Sleeping in the same room with your baby, “rooming-in” is another way to help you get a good start with your new baby. Skin-to-skin- while awake is important, When you fall asleep, it is important for your baby to be in his or her own bassinette. You will sleep in short, deep periods, and this will help you to adjust to your new life with your baby and helps you to know early cues to your baby’s hunger.

All newborn care at the Elliot Hospital is centered on recommendations from experts: Nurses, doctors, and lactation consultants, all helping you recover from your birth and feeling confident about the care of your baby.

Compassion, care, healing and wellness. These are the values of the Elliot Hospital. These are the ways that we serve you. These are the values that you will feel when you have your baby with us.

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