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Because the hospital doesn’t have to be scary…

A trip to the hospital is a new and frightening thing for a child: big words, loud beeps, and lots of strangers. What if there was a stranger who was there to support your child and help them through the hospital experience through play and learning?

Just for children…

Child Life is committed to the practice of family-centered care and providing age appropriate opportunities for play, preparation for procedures, teaching coping skills during procedures, emotional support, and therapeutic play to normalize the hospital experience. Our staff is a part of the healthcare team to advocate for your child’s experience.

In times of need…

Our child life specialists are with your child when they are needed.  They use toys, puzzles, television, or just a calm voice and a smile to help you and your child.

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Child Life Volunteer Program:

Child Life Volunteers assists with the implementation of the Child Life program.  As a primary function of the Child Life program, the playroom offers an opportunity for patients and families to engage in developmentally appropriate activities, while providing an opportunity for socialization.  Play allows freedom of choice, fosters creativity, diverts patients from stress and worry, and normalizes their environment. Child Life Volunteers are utilized to supervise playroom activities, while interacting with patients and families.  Child Life Volunteers will also assist Child Life staff with escorting patients to other locations of the hospital for special programming, or perhaps interact with patients at the bedside.

Description of the program


For Patients and Families:

  • How can I help my child?
  • What should I bring to the hospital?
  • What should parents and caregivers bring to the hospital?
  • How can I help brothers/sisters cope with the hospital?
  • Who are some of the people at the hospital that we may meet?
  • Am I able to stay with my child at the hospital?


Helpful Websites:

  • Child Life Council;

a website for the national organization of child life specialists.


a website for educating children, teens, and parents about children’s health.

  • American Journal of Pediatrics;

an article from October 2006 featuring Child Life Services.


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